Drum Newspaper – Nick Johnson Gives Back

Some of our greatest blessings come from successful African Americans who reach out to less fortunate people and assist them in reaching the mountaintop of success. One such example is Nicholas Johnson who is one of our 13th Street

success stories. He is a graduate of 13th and Union Elementary School, Northeast Junior High School (now Middle School), Reading Senior High School, and Albright College, all of which are located on 13th Street in Reading, PA. He has also earned a Master’s Degree from Lincoln University.

Johnson is the President of TEM CARE BEHAVIORAL HEALTH, a corporation which focuses on supporting the quality of life of those living with autism across the spectrum.

Prior to founding Tem Care Behavioral Health, he was employed at GPU Energy Inc., an electric utility company, for over nineteen years, progressing from union leadership positions to management positions in Labor Relations and Human Resources. He worked as a Consultant at Progressions Behavioral Health Services, Inc. a behavioral/mental health services company for over seven years, progressing from a TSS, Mobile Therapist to a School- Based Outpatient Therapist.

Johnson has designed, developed, and delivered inclusion learning strategies for over ten years for nancial institutions, manufacturing companies, hospitals, universities, colleges, high schools, pro t and non-pro t organizations. Johnson is experienced in providing guidance for employee relations, performance issues, coaching to groups/individuals, therapeutic support for mental and behavioral health issues.

Johnson has not limited his success to himself for he has reached out to help others who are less fortunate. He has collaborated with Alvernia University to help others become successful entrepreneurs. If you would like to see one of his recent presentations, go online to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_OGQzE6xPo

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