The Drum News – Nicholas Johnson A Reading-Born Star Who Remained in Reading

Inasmuch as far too many of our Reading born talented individuals are using their talents for the benefits of other parts of our nation, it is a special blessing when some of them remain here to uplift Reading and Berks County. Such is the case of Nicholas Johnson, the President of TEM Care Behavioral Health Services, which was founded in 2014. TEM focuses on supporting the quality of life for those living with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities. TEM Care Behavioral Health, LLC Services and its partner agencies are qualified providers of services in Pennsylvania’s Adult Autism, Consolidated, Home/Community Living and Person/Family Directed Support (P/FDS) Waiver Programs. TEM Care’s services include Behavioral Specialist Support (BSS), Community Support (CS), Companion Support, Counseling/Therapy, In-Home/Community Habilitation, Respite and Systematic Skill Building (SSB).

Johnson is a graduate of Albright College (Bachelor’s Degree) and Lincoln University (Master’s Degree). Prior to founding TEM, he was employed at GPU Energy, Inc., the electric utility company for more than nineteen years, progressing from union leadership positions to management positions in Labor Relations and Human Resources at Consultant Progressions, Inc., a behavioral/mental health services company for over seven years, progressing from a TSS, Mobile Therapist to a School- based Outpatient Therapist.

Moreover, this talented well-educated Reading native has designed, developed and delivered inclusion learning strategies for more than ten years for financial institutions, manufacturing companies, hospitals, universities, colleges, high schools, profit and non-profit organizations. He is also experienced in providing guidance for employee relations, performance issues, coaching to groups/individuals, therapeutic support for mental and behavioral health issues.

Johnson cited Ralph Elia, of Reading’s Elia Auto Body (Elia taught him the importance of a good work ethic) and the late Reba Templeton as his mentors. Templeton founded the altruistic organization, the Youth of Yesterday, which provides grants for books of local college and university students.

Nicholas Johnson is a member of Pi Gamma Mu, the oldest and preeminent honor society in the social sciences. We are, indeed, blessed that he has chosen to use his talents in Reading and Berks County.

Learn more about Nicholas and other great leaders in February’s issue of The Drum here.

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