CEO Nick Johnson Will Appear in the Black Professionals Career Panel at the RHS Library & Media Center Feb 29th @2:50 pm

About The Panel

Nick Johnson is honored to be speaking at The Black Professional Panel taking place Thursday, February 29th at 2:50PM at the Reading High School Library and Media Center. This gathering hosted by The Village of Reading nonprofit organization serves as a beacon of empowerment and enlightenment. The aim is to shine a spotlight on the remarkable achievements of Black professionals while opening doors to diverse career pathways for our youth.

About The Village of Reading

The Village, a nonprofit organization headquartered in Reading, PA, is dedicated to its mission of mitigating youth violence and establishing secure environments for minors aged 13 to 18. Through collaborative efforts with community stakeholders, The Village diligently offers a spectrum of resources and services aimed at deterring gun and street violence. These initiatives encompass educational programs, outreach endeavors, advocacy for transformative shifts in community standards, and the provision of safe havens for youth.

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